Bringing College to California State Prisons

What happens when two unlikely colleagues work together and use college education to transform a prison? Find out in our newest video!

From Incarceration to Education (FITE Film)

“If you’re able to overcome prison, jail, streets or whatever...that’s a system in itself. Academia is a system in itself too. So I feel like if we can learn this thing, we could also learn this."

Project Rebound's Jason Bell

"I started to learn that there was something for me in school and when I found that, I went 100% on it." 

Lighting the Way to Education not Incarceration

“Every day 83,000 folks are in a jail, a jail that is within 10 miles of a community college campus. We need to educate those folks.” 

Being an Astronaut

"The human spirit is so amazing, but the human condition sometimes sets us up for places like prison... but it doesn't have to, and we deserve better." 

The Importance of Second Chance Pell

“It’s unfortunate we’ve come to prison but it’s a huge blessing that we’ve been allowed the opportunity to have further education so possibly we can take our place back in society.” 

Project Rebound Student Spotlight: Omar Chavez

"Education empowers. Education's very important because it changes you into a person that can make a difference, and make a difference in your community and make a difference with your family."

From Prison to UCLA Graduation

"I get asked by people...'if you only had one thing to say to a kid what would it be?' And I would say, I wouldn't. I would show up...Because sometimes showing up is what really reaches them."