Bakersfield College Inmate Scholars Program Fact Sheet

Components of the Inmate Scholars Program Inside of Prison:

  • Transfer level courses within the IGETC pattern in 8 prisons.  The largest face-to-face college program in the California.
  • Over 2,400 enrollments in the first two years of the program.
  • Courses offered to the Fire Brigade at Wasco State Prison.  Students included officers and inmates.  This was the first time this has happened at CDCR.
  • Culinary of Arts Certificate offered at McFarland Community Re-Entry Facility.
  • Matriculation assistance and support offered at the Lerdo County Jail.
  • Support to the KVSP, B Yard Debate Club.

Components of the Inmate Scholars Program Outside of Prison:

  • On-campus club, “Free on the Outside.” Included more than 10 members within the first month.  Three students that are formerly incarcerated are elected within SGA.
  • Serve re-entry facilities with matriculation, guest speaking, and serve on a local advisory committee.
  • Partnerships with community, criminal justice, and non-profits.

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