Project Change's Three Phase Model

1. Enriched Preparation

Project Change provides college services for preparation to transition to community college on-site at the juvenile youth facilities.

  • College Readiness Workshops (Orientation Cohort): A monthly workshop is held at the juvenile youth facilities 5 times a year (January-May), which provides: preparation for the Priority Enrollment Program (PEP) event at CSM and general information about the college. Students additionally receive a financial aid workshop. Students are introduced to information about college programs and majors, and an overview of pathways through the community college: career and technical education, certificate programs, associate degree, and transfer. College professors and successful current students accompany the project director to the workshops in the juvenile youth facilities to share with the students about their opportunities for college. A financial aid staff member additionally assists to dispense information about various programs (FAFSA, Dream Act, BOG, grants and scholarships).
  • College Courses (Juvenile Hall LCTR 105 Cohort): A college course, LCTR 105: "Keys to Success," taught by a CSM college instructor, is offered to students currently incarcerated so they can earn college credit in the juvenile youth facilities. This course is open to concurrent enrollment students as well as those who have completed their GED/High School diploma. This course provides those still working towards a secondary degree triple high school credit in addition to college credit. The class is aimed at preparing students for their first-year in college and covers study skills, stress management, math and English skills, and provides an introduction to college culture. It is a college credit course and is UC transferable. 

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