Project Rebound: Mission Goals and Values

Mission, Goals, and Values

The MISSION of Project Rebound is to support the higher education and successful
reintegration of students with an incarceration experience. We are dedicated to reducing
recidivism and empowering formerly incarcerated individuals through the transformative
power of higher education, advocacy, and leadership. By making higher education more
accessible and supporting formerly incarcerated students to excel in a course of study, Project
Rebound constructs an alternative to the revolving door policy of mass incarceration in order tobreak the intergenerational cycles of poverty, abuse, addiction, under-education,
unemployment, and incarceration; strengthen the health of the state’s most marginalized
communities; and foster the leadership necessary to build a more just and democratic society. 

The GOALS of Project Rebound are to enable students to:
• cultivate skills in critical thinking and writing, oral
communication, quantitative and ethical reasoning
• enhance their capacity for civic engagement and
community leadership
• secure meaningful and gratifying employment
• empower themselves, their families, and their
• reduce their participation in behavior that is harmful
to self, family, and community, including drug abuse
and violence
• humanize public attitudes towards currently and formerly incarcerated people in order
to facilitate reintegration and eliminate collateral consequences of criminal conviction
related to social stigmatization and marginalization

Three core VALUES guide the work of Project Rebound:
• Every person has inherent value and holds the
power of possibility and transformation within
• Public resources are better invested in
education and other opportunities for
transformation than prisons and punishment.
• The integration and leadership of formerly
incarcerated people is essential to the work of
creating solutions to the social crisis of mass

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