Underground Scholars Initiative Bylaws


The name of this student organization shall be the Underground Scholars Initiative (USI).

ARTICLE II - Purpose

It is our aim to connect formerly incarcerated Berkeley students with the resources, and information that may help to increase those students’ prospects of success by:

  • Helping previously and/or currently incarcerated individuals transition into the culture of UC Berkeley system by providing counseling, scholarships, and other resources as they become available.
  • Advocate on behalf of previously, or currently incarcerated individuals, especially those who are already attending, or may soon attend UC Berkeley.
  • Network with other organizations within the university in order to mitigate the effects of the Prison Industrial Complex, especially as those effects may create social, and logistical obstacles that could lower the possibility of acquiring an education at UC Berkeley.
  • Helping to provide alternatives to incarceration through the empowering effects of higher education.
  • The formation of a student-led working group to establish a resource center at UC Berkeley.

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